Dentistry by Dr. Speakman

Welcome to our smile gallery.  Please enjoy just a few samples of our amazing smile transformations and dental implants. These are pictures of our own patients, not images downloaded from the internet.  ALL work shown was done by Dr. Marta Speakman at Libertyville Family Dental.

After orthodontic treatment done by our friendly local orthodontist, Dr. Speakman placed and restored 6 implants and 20 crowns.

Orthodontic Treatment done by Dr. Speakman

All crowns, root canal treatments and buildups with cosmetic crowns. Patient did not wish to have orthodontic treatment done.

Patient’s mom called in as an emergency patient on behalf of her daughter. She hit the bottom of a swimming pool at a local hotel. The picture on the left was taken by 17-year-old with her cell phone. The picture on the right shows the full restoration.


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